There are all kinds of ways for St. Petersburg residents to stay active— bicycling through Vinoy Park, exercising at their local gym, and more. It seems like if you have an interest in mind, the city can accommodate it! If you aren’t familiar with yoga classes, there are all kinds of benefits to coming to the mat.

1. Clear Your Mind

Every person in Pinellas County, no matter their age, can benefit from clearing their mind. With technology at our fingertips, it seems like there’s always something we could be doing or reading. Fast-paced deadlines and continuing education requirements at the workplace can heighten stress. If you have a family, you probably spend a considerable amount of time driving between school and extracurricular activities. Whatever your circumstances in St. Petersburg, life can get full fast. It’s important to slow things down, and yoga classes are a fantastic way to do this. Whether you find clarity while practicing hot power flow or relaxation in savasana, you’re sure to find peace of mind.

2. Increase Flexibility

Daily routines have a way of making muscles and joints tight. Driving across the Bay for work or sitting at a computer during the day both affect your shoulders. The same goes for how you sit. Without regular stretching, your hips are apt to be tense. If you want to reduce tightness, come in for some therapeutic stretching! Bodyrolling, beginner’s, and warm flow sessions are all excellent opportunities to prime your muscles for a deep stretch.

3. Fun for the Whole Family

What better way to get active than with your family? At our facility, we offer instruction for all ages and abilities so that everyone can participate. No longer limited to adults, we offer kids yoga classes, so you can enjoy a warrior two pose while your preteen works on their downward dog. This practice promotes strength, flexibility, and relaxation in St. Petersburg. Not only will you have an athletic venture in common, but everyone will be calmer too.

Flow Pilates & Yoga Classes

Come in for one of our yoga classes and experience inner peace! Whether you’re looking for balance, flexibility or a physical challenge, our instructors offer a range of instructional options to meet your needs:

  • Warm flow
  • Hot flow
  • Hot power
  • Bodyrolling
  • Pilates

These are just a few of our offerings to individuals from St. Petersburg. Call (813) 855-8804 to learn more about our studio or schedule a session!