Yoga is a practice that anyone can enjoy, and hot power yoga classes are excellent for intermediate yogis who want to work their body. In the Odessa area, come to Flow Pilates and Yoga Center for classes of all kinds. We help yogis from beginners to novices to experts enjoy the meeting of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being through this ancient practice. Reap the benefits of finding your authentic self while boosting your physical strength and flexibility of both the body and mind.

What is Hot Power Yoga?

The hot power yoga classes we offer in the greater Odessa area include:

  • Beginner Hot: This class is perfect for those who are new to the practice. The room is set to a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit (traditional classes are set to 104 degrees). You will journey through beginner and intermediate-level poses in a Hatha-Flow sequence. After the session, you will leave feeling strong, loose, and relaxed. If you are an experienced yogi in Odessa but have never been to a heated class, this is the perfect chance to dip your toes.
  • Hot Flow: Hot Flow/Vinyasa moves through many different poses and focuses on breathing in conjunction with the movement. With the heated room and the constant motion and use of the muscles, you will sweat, releasing toxins, boosting your flexibility, and increasing your strength.
  • Hot Power Flow: This combines Power and Flow (Vinyasa) by beginning with sun salutations, and then moving through balance and core moves, all while in a heated environment to release toxins, loosen the muscles, and improve flexibility.

The Benefits of Hot Power Yoga

Most people know that the benefits of working out include sweating. Why is sweating so good for your body? Sweat releases toxins from the body through the pores, flushing the lymphatic system and allowing your body to let go of toxins that can cause weight gain. Plus, studies show that a good sweat can boost your mood, increasing endorphins and serotonin in the body. For people in Odessa who have trouble sleeping or who are facing depression or anxiety, hot power yoga classes are the perfect practice for you.

The heated environment of hot power yoga classes also loosens muscles, allowing you to be more flexible. This can improve your muscle tone, range of motion, joint comfort, endurance, and more. The heat will raise your pulse and metabolism, which makes your blood vessels more flexible, improving circulation and blood flow while burning more calories. You will be able to relieve stress and boost your confidence while truly putting to practice the idea of “mind over matter.” Bring a bottle of water and a towel. Additionally, make sure you eat a light snack before class. The idea is not to push yourself over the edge but to push yourself to the edge; so if you are uncomfortable, take a savasana and lay down to recover.

Hot Power Yoga Poses

Unlike Bikram, this style does not rely on a rigid routine of twenty-six poses. Hot power yoga classes involve typical poses that you find in traditional classes, and generally follow a Vinyasa/Flow sequence. Poses that you may do during a class at Flow Pilates & Yoga Center near Odessa include:

  • Mountain
  • Chair
  • Warrior II
  • Bridge
  • Downward dog
  • Triangle
  • And more

Hot Power Yoga Classes in Odessa at Flow Pilates & Yoga Center

If you are interested in joining in on our hot power yoga classes in the Odessa area, come to Flow Pilates & Yoga Center. We promote the balance of mind, body, and spirit through physical movement. Contact us today at (813) 855-8804 or contact us online to learn more about the different classes we offer and how you can get started on being your best self.