Yoga is the perfect way to de-stress from a hectic day. Part meditation, part exercise, yoga brings peace and tranquility to your body through the flow of movements. At Flow Pilates and Yoga Studio of Oldsmar, we understand that not all classes are created equally. The pace, energy, and difficulty of a class can impact how a student feels when they leave the studio. That is why we strive to make our studio one of the best places for people to get the most from their practice. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a studio:

Instructors Energy

How an instructor leads a class can make the difference between a good and great center.  A teacher should be calm, focused, and centered while going through the poses. But they should also be enthusiastic about teaching. When a yoga instructor, like the instructors at Flow Pilates and Yoga Studio in Oldsmar, radiates joy, the pupils follow in suit.

Pace of the Class

Although everyone is expected and couraged to go at their own pace, the flow and speed of the class generally depends on which type of yoga you choose. Beginner classes tend to move at a slower, more focused rate. This allows for new students to become comfortable with the poses and correct any issues with posture and positioning. We believe that an instructor should pace the movements based on the experience of the students in that particular class. A less experienced pupil will need more time to work on the basic poses than someone who has been practicing yoga for several years. A great yoga studio in Oldsmar will adjust classes based on the needs of their students.

Assisting Students

A teacher should always stop to help adjust a student’s position. An instructor should walk around the room periodically to check posture and ensure that each student is in the correct position. At Flow Pilates, we strive to give our pupils a positive experience. We work with individuals to improve flexibility, stamina, and posture so they can get the most benefits from their class as possible.

If you’re interested in finding the best yoga studio in Oldsmar, then give Flow Pilates and Yoga a call today. Or head over to our class schedule to find a time to stop by. (813) 855-8804