At Flow Pilates in Oldsmar our hot yoga classes can get pretty intense– in a good way! With the temperature of the room set to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a guarantee that this will be a workout like you’ve never had before.  With all the hype surrounding these classes, maybe you’ve been considering trying it out, but you still aren’t sure. Here are some benefits to be gained from hot yoga:

  • The heat promotes flexibility. Cold stiff muscles are not going to stretch as comfortably as warm ones.  As your muscles heat up, they will become more receptive to longer and deeper stretches, allowing you to get a better workout. The heat allows you to reach new personal bests while stretching, which is always a great feeling.
  • Greatly decrease the chance of injury. Some people worry that they may hurt themselves with all of the intense stretches, but in a heated room, your muscles will become much more fluid, and much less likely to be injured. Before taking a hot yoga class at Flow Pilates in Oldsmar, be sure to let your instructor know of any past injuries you may have, so they can better guide you through the positions.
  • Full body detoxification. Think of this as a facial for your entire body. Sweating will rid your body of its toxins, as well as clearing out your pores.  Stretching alone permits your muscles to rid themselves of toxins, and the heat only promotes this.
  • Cardio, cardio, cardio! Your heart rate can increase to the same rate during hot yoga as it will if you were to run a mile.  These postures promote balance while also contracting all of your muscles, which is fantastic for your heart. Moreover, your blood thins in the heat which helps clear your circulatory system.  In one Bikram class, you can burn up to 1,000 calories!

If you aren’t quite ready for the 104 degree class, Flow Pilates in Oldsmar also offers to beginners a hot yoga class which takes place in a classroom set to 94 degrees. This will let your body build a tolerance to the heat, so when you are ready for the full class, it will be no problem.  To prepare for your class, be sure to drink plenty of water beforehand, and wear clothes that breathe well. The main goal for yoga is therapy- it is great for healing old injuries, preventing new ones, and allowing you to always feel your very best.