There are many different types of yoga, but hot yoga seems to be the one that intimidates newbies the most. Some are a little weary to start practicing because they are shy and don’t want to look silly. But what most people don’t realize is when you step into the studio you leave all judgments and negative thinking at the door. It is a calming, peaceful and 100% individual experience. You don’t have to worry about falling out of postures, being unable to balance for as long as others, or not being able to bend in ways others can. It is called a “practice” for a reason– you’ll get there!

Below are some of the most common concerns and fears (and a few misconceptions!) regarding hot yoga classes– and why they shouldn’t hold you back from trying one of our beginner yoga classes this week:

  1. I’m not flexible. One of the main reasons to start practicing is to increase your flexibility! After only a few classes you will notice a significant difference in your flexibility (on top of muscle tone and strength). Also, the heated room provides the perfect environment for your muscles to stretch and relax– so you don’t have to worry about over extending yourself. You should only go to where you feel comfortable, and for everyone that is a different place.
  2. I am going to pass out. The room is not so hot that you will pass out– we guarantee that. But, if it is one of your first hot yoga classes and you are feeling a little light headed or dizzy, all instructors always encourage their students to simply lie down on their backs until they feel well again. The key is to resist the urge to deeply inhale and exhale from your mouth, like people usually do while working out. The reason for this is because breathing this way increases your body’s fight or flight response. By breathing only through your nose you will keep a steady heart rate.
  3. It’s the most intense type there is. Each person has a different experience. Some people find regular yoga classes to be more difficult, because their bodies are not as loose and stretched when they aren’t in the heated room.
  4. It’s not a real work out. While it is true that yoga– all types– are a type of meditation in their own, your body is still getting quite the workout. Not only will you be sweating and getting a cardio-type workout from your hot yoga class, but you will also be toning your muscles and increasing mobility/flexibility.
  5. It’s only for women. Every day more and more men are giving yoga a go– and with good reason! Many professional athletes even swear by it, including Derek Jeter, Lebron James and Kevin Garnett.

While we always encourage our customers to try new and different classes, it’s entirely possible hot yoga classes simply aren’t for you. Some find the heat is just too uncomfortable and prefer classes in regular temperature rooms– and that’s fine! At Flow Pilates and Yoga we have a plethora of classes to choose from.