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Surprising Benefits of Hot Yoga

Everyone knows practicing yoga is good for you. But what many people don’t realize is just how many health benefits there are to gain from practicing it—especially when it comes to the hot yoga classesin Oldsmar offered at Flow Pilates. This physical activity isn’t just for those looking to find more balance and peace in their life, although those surely are common reasons to attend. It also isn’t just for the flexible! Hot yoga classes will tone your muscles and burn around 1,000 calories per class. But they also have more specific health benefits to consider: Depression/Anxiety The postures of Bikram help to improve lung functioning; breathing is restricted to the nose which helps reduce your body’s “fight or flight” response that makes you feel worked up and out of breath. Instead, you will feel calm and concentrated through your workout. Also, the nervous and endocrine systems become harmonized which will help you gain control of your emotions, and sleep better. It has even helped people who consider themselves insomniacs, which makes sense because insomnia is usually attributed to lack of exercise, depression, and/or imbalances in your body’s chemistry. Arthritis & injuries Extending and twisting your joints in the heated room (between 85-105 degrees) will alleviate you of any stiffness and pain throughout your body. It can also help [...]

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Aromatherapy Yoga W/ Wilda Santiago

Special Yoga Event! Aromatherapy Yoga w/ Wilda Santiago! Saturday, May 31st @ 1:30pm Like yoga, the practice of aromatherapy strives to support the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy achieves its effects through the application and diffusion of pure plant essential oils that influence physical wellness, a positive emotional state and mental clarity. Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance the yoga journey. Enhance your practice attending the first class of a series of classes offered by Wilda Santiago, BA, OTA, RYT 500. As a holistic, mind-body coach , Wilda will engage all your senses and will leave you with tools to use in your own practice. Bring a friend!

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Don’t Sweat It: Hot Yoga Classes in Oldsmar

There are many different types of yoga, but hot yoga seems to be the one that intimidates newbies the most. Some are a little weary to start practicing because they are shy and don't want to look silly. But what most people don't realize is when you step into the studio you leave all judgments and negative thinking at the door. It is a calming, peaceful and 100% individual experience. You don't have to worry about falling out of postures, being unable to balance for as long as others, or not being able to bend in ways others can. It is called a “practice” for a reason-- you'll get there! Below are some of the most common concerns and fears (and a few misconceptions!) regarding hot yoga classes-- and why they shouldn't hold you back from trying one of our beginner yoga classes this week: I'm not flexible. One of the main reasons to start practicing is to increase your flexibility! After only a few classes you will notice a significant difference in your flexibility (on top of muscle tone and strength). Also, the heated room provides the perfect environment for your muscles to stretch and relax-- so you don't have to worry about over extending yourself. You should only go to where you feel comfortable, and for everyone [...]

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Hot Yoga: What Are the Benefits?

At Flow Pilates in Oldsmar our hot yoga classes can get pretty intense-- in a good way! With the temperature of the room set to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a guarantee that this will be a workout like you’ve never had before.  With all the hype surrounding these classes, maybe you’ve been considering trying it out, but you still aren’t sure. Here are some benefits to be gained from hot yoga: The heat promotes flexibility. Cold stiff muscles are not going to stretch as comfortably as warm ones.  As your muscles heat up, they will become more receptive to longer and deeper stretches, allowing you to get a better workout. The heat allows you to reach new personal bests while stretching, which is always a great feeling. Greatly decrease the chance of injury. Some people worry that they may hurt themselves with all of the intense stretches, but in a heated room, your muscles will become much more fluid, and much less likely to be injured. Before taking a hot yoga class at Flow Pilates in Oldsmar, be sure to let your instructor know of any past injuries you may have, so they can better guide you through the positions. Full body detoxification. Think of this as a facial for your entire body. Sweating will rid your body of [...]

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Pilates Classes in Tampa

Performing the same routine each week at the gym can get pretty boring, very quickly.  When you are not mentally invested in a workout, you will most likely not feel as great once you are finished, which isn’t going to make you look forward to your next workout.  Luckily, you will never have that problem after taking a Pilates class at Flow Pilates and Yoga Center in Tampa.  In our classes, we not only focus on core strength, breathing, flexibility, and body awareness but also on biomechanics and movement patterns.  These workouts will help you learn “healthy movement” and will leave you feeling and looking better than ever! At Flow Pilates and Yoga Center, our Pilates classes utilize equipment such as the Reformer, the Cadillac Tower, and the Wunda Chair; but do not worry if you’ve never even heard of these machines before! We offer an introductory Pilates class that will allow you to become familiar with the various pieces of equipment before enrolling in your first class. To ensure that you receive enough attention from your instructor, our classes are limited to 3-4 participants. We do not want to overcrowd them because if the instructor cannot watch the movement of each participant, injuries may occur. With class times ranging from 8 am to 7 pm, seven days a [...]

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Yoga- How Difficult?

Yoga is the practice of unionizing the mind, body, and spirit through physical poses and posture. Most people associate yoga with stretching, but stretching is not the only exercise involved. It is a practice that builds strength and flexibility to create balance in the body by maintaining postures. Each posture has a specific benefit for the body. For example, many poses increase back and abdominal strength. Poses such as boat pose, side plank, and crow strengthen the core through the use of several different muscles. Every class has a different level of difficulty, so whether you are just beginning, intermediate, or advanced there is a class that will satisfy your pace. Beginning Classes: Hot Beginner: In this class, the temperature is set to 94 degrees. It is a hatha-flow style that includes beginning-intermediate poses. It will leave you feeling strong, stretched, and relaxed. Beginner: This class will teach you the basics of yoga. You will learn how to breathe correctly, hold poses, and practice alignment. It is an hour long class that focuses on strength and flexibility. Stress Relief: This class includes gentle and revitalizing postures and stretches. It relaxes and calms both body and mind. Music and aromatherapy (relaxing scents) are used to create a soothing environment. Intermediate Hatha: Hatha, or traditional yoga, will focus on stretching and [...]