Surprising Benefits of Hot Yoga

Everyone knows practicing yoga is good for you. But what many people don’t realize is just how many health benefits there are to gain from practicing it—especially when it comes to the hot yoga classesin Oldsmar offered at Flow Pilates. This physical activity isn’t just for those looking to find more balance and peace in their life, although those surely are common reasons to attend. It also isn’t just for the flexible! Hot yoga classes will tone your muscles and burn around 1,000 calories per class. But they also have more specific health benefits to consider: Depression/Anxiety The postures of Bikram help to improve lung functioning; breathing is restricted to the nose which helps reduce your body’s “fight or flight” response that makes you feel worked up and out of breath. Instead, you will feel calm and concentrated through your workout. Also, the nervous and endocrine systems become harmonized which will help you gain control of your emotions, and sleep better. It has even helped people who consider themselves insomniacs, which makes sense because insomnia is usually attributed to lack of exercise, depression, and/or imbalances in your body’s chemistry. Arthritis & injuries Extending and twisting your joints in the heated room (between 85-105 degrees) will alleviate you of any stiffness and pain throughout your body. It can also help with back and neck pain, headaches, scoliosis, etc. because it improves the alignment and functioning of your spine. Skin By continually attending hot yoga classes in our Oldsmar studio you will soon start to notice a [...]

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Aromatherapy Yoga W/ Wilda Santiago

Special Yoga Event! Aromatherapy Yoga w/ Wilda Santiago! Saturday, May 31st @ 1:30pm Like yoga, the practice of aromatherapy strives to support the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy achieves its effects through the application and diffusion of pure plant essential oils that influence physical wellness, a positive emotional state and mental clarity. Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance the yoga journey. Enhance your practice attending the first class of a series of classes offered by Wilda Santiago, BA, OTA, RYT 500. As a holistic, mind-body coach , Wilda will engage all your senses and will leave you with tools to use in your own practice. Bring a friend!

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Benefits of Yoga

Life is beautiful, but complicated. Work, school, money and all of life’s complexities will inevitably take their toll on our physical and mental states of being. Each person handles stress differently, and a lot of how we manage our stress is dependent upon our lifestyles. When you make the decision to incorporate the practice of yoga into your life you will notice dramatic affects in how you handle life’s tension. For many people who work or are in school during the week, weekends are a haven. We keep our heads down and power through the five days of the week leading up to Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. At 5 o’clock the happy hour rush hour begins. People pour into the bars while bartenders pour them their drinks. Beer, wine and liquor flows throughout the night and the dramatic ease in tension leaves people feeling lose and relaxed, but vulnerable to bad decisions and uncontrollable emotions. When the night finally comes to an end the depressant in alcohol eases drinkers to sleep. The down side to this kind of behavior and ‘unwinding’ sinks in upon waking the next morning. After sleeping in and wasting the morning, people who use alcohol to de-stress usually suffer headaches, guilt, a depleted bank account, and the painful realization that no problems were solved. Now think about if, instead of rushing to the bar at 5 o’clock on a Friday night, you did yoga instead. Instead of going to the bar you go to a studio, a beach, or a [...]

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