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Yoga- How Difficult?

Yoga is the practice of unionizing the mind, body, and spirit through physical poses and posture. Most people associate yoga with stretching, but stretching is not the only exercise involved. It is a practice that builds strength and flexibility to create balance in the body by maintaining postures. Each posture has a specific benefit for the body. For example, many poses increase back and abdominal strength. Poses such as boat pose, side plank, and crow strengthen the core through the use of several different muscles. Every class has a different level of difficulty, so whether you are just beginning, intermediate, or advanced there is a class that will satisfy your pace. Beginning Classes: Hot Beginner: In this class, the temperature is set to 94 degrees. It is a hatha-flow style that includes beginning-intermediate poses. It will leave you feeling strong, stretched, and relaxed. Beginner: This class will teach you the basics of yoga. You will learn how to breathe correctly, hold poses, and practice alignment. It is an hour long class that focuses on strength and flexibility. Stress Relief: This class includes gentle and revitalizing postures and stretches. It relaxes and calms both body and mind. Music and aromatherapy (relaxing scents) are used to create a soothing environment. Intermediate Hatha: Hatha, or traditional yoga, will focus on stretching and alignment, along with being able to hold poses. It focuses on postures that create balance and will teach you relaxation methods. It has a slightly higher difficulty level than a beginner class. Intermediate-Advanced Classes: Hot: This [...]

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