Pilates classes are centered around the practice of Pilates, which is an exercise system that uses special equipment to strengthen and tone the core, boost muscle strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, and enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. The exercises aim to work areas like the core, obliques, back, thighs, butt, and more. In this practice, you will engage your entire body from head to toe, so be ready for a full body workout. The following are a few ways you can get the most benefit out of your class in Tampa/Westchase and feel the results in your body.

Make Sure You Understand the Basics

Whether you’re new to the practice or haven’t done it in a while, Pilates classes require a certain amount of knowledge and experience to do properly. Build up a solid foundation with a beginner’s class taught by a knowledgeable instructor. Here you will learn the basics of Pilates and what each exercise looks like and should feel like. Plus, one-on-one instruction prepares you for group classes with other Tampa/Westchase participants.

Get Ready to Go Deep

Many experts agree that most of the physical benefits of Pilates happen because the participant fully commits to the program and is ‘all in’ with their practice. You will need to really dive deep and work the abs and core on every layer. With every exhale, engage your core and breathe up and into your spine, raising your body upward. Don’t breathe away from the spine, because it pulls your muscles away, which is the opposite of what you want.

Watch Your Posture

During Pilates classes in Tampa/Westchase, your instructor will help you make sure your posture is engaged, and in the optimal position to work your body. However, if you are practicing at home, it is harder to make sure you are in the right position. Be aware of your chin, which dips, cutting off your breaths and creating tension in the neck and back. Also, keep your back in mind. Many moves are done on your back on the floor, so keep your back rounded and scoop your abs in to create a stronger core. Instead of ‘tucking’ imagine this as using your abs to lengthen your spine.

Ground Yourself, Focus on the Positives, and Bring Peace to the Mat

The effort you put into your Pilates classes will reflect what you get out of them. While life may be crazy at work in Tampa or at home in Westchase, try to leave your stress behind when you come to the mat. During instruction, focus on positivity, lightness, and emotional and physical wellbeing. The point of Pilates is to strengthen the body and be mindful, so your presence is required both physically and mentally.

For Pilates Classes in Tampa/Westchase, Visit Flow Pilates & Yoga Center

Located conveniently in the Tampa/Westchase area, Flow Pilates and Yoga Center offers many different Pilates classes that offer people of all experience levels a chance to let go of some stress and build their core. Here, you can balance your body and your mind and create a physical and emotional sense of peace. To learn more about our classes, check our schedule, contact us online, or call us today at (813) 855-8804.