Pilates is known as an exercise system that focuses on core strength, breath, flexibility and body awareness. Yoga is known as an extremely effective way to improve balance in your body, relieve stress, and bring peace to your spirit. At Flow Pilates & Yoga Center, we push each practice further by focusing our attention on proper biomechanics and movement patterns. We not only take you through challenging Pilates and Yoga workouts, but we actually educate you about “healthy movement”. Whether you’re looking for private instruction or group classes, we can help you attain the goals for your body.

What you learn at our studio will make you feel and look good while also helping you avoid the common injuries that often develop over time from faulty movement patterns and poor postural habits. The techniques we teach can be applied to everyday life and translate easily into any other physical activities.

Come to Flow Pilates and Yoga of Westchase in Tampa, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor and Palm Harbor, FL and relax your mind, strengthen your body and improve your inner spirit! We offer private yoga classes and group sessions for all different types of yoga: hot, flow, prenatal, sculpt. We also offer a variety of Pilates classes including jump board, props and equipment classes, and power Pilates.

Flow Pilates and Yoga Center